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Safe & Efficient Transportation

  • Safe  &  Efficient  Transportation


    MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX I



     Double Bottom Tanks

    the Double Bottom height of MT "Lobos Tuxpan Tuxpan", either meets or excedes 
    the required double bottom height requierements laid out in MARPOL ANNEX I,
    Regulation 13th for chips of Deadweight greater than or equal to 600 Tonnes, but
    less than 500 

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  • Mexican News 13.06.2016

    Mexican News

    Mexico Plans Next Bidding Round For Energy Opening By End-July

    The next bidding round in the opening of Mexico's oil and gas sector will be

    called by the end of July......

  • International News 14.06.2016

    International News

    10% of ships tested in Shanghai fail new ECA ruling

    One in ten of ships checked in Shanghai by authorities 
    since new emission control area (ECA).