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M/T Lobos Tuxpan

M/T Lobos Tuxpan

M/T “Lobos Tuxpan” is an ICE CLASS tanker with double hull which meets the International merchant marine regulations    






Name: Lobos Tuxpan 

Flag: Mexican

Port Of Register: Tuxpan

Tope of Vessel: BUnkering Tanker with DOUBLE HULL

TBR/TNR:  1,619 / 742  Metric Tons

LOA/Breath:  75.74 / 5.0 Mts

Capacity in m3:  2,640 m3

Average rate: 300 / 200 / 150 m3/H

Equipment onboard:

Four Manifolds are available on board the Vessel, two at each side, however, for blendings are fitted at

Port Side a "Y" connection for such purpose, several spool pieces reducers are availabe for international

connections from 10" to 4"