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Our History

Initiated by these years, seeing the needs of the city and the state, where a group of entrepreneurs perform a union to start operations with service stations in the north of the country. PEMEX contract number XXXXX marks the way to be one of the main distributors of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Given its success as one of the main stations, and seeing product shortages in cities and smaller towns, obtain authorization from PEMEX for Major Dealers. To which begin to do the work to establish the first own storage tanks to avoid product 'enough and to support the population in general.

Born own transport service to go further, so it starts deliveries in major mining in the north like Saltillo and Coahuila. Capacity of tank trucks are 10m3 (hasta 70 m3), 20m3, 35m3 and 70m3, all equipped with pumps and hoses for the perfect supplies anywhere.

In search of new market niches, and before the arrival of the Energy Reform of the country, talks with other companies to make a business alliance and to offer the product in the ports begin, based on the search for a tanker it could be authorized by the Mexican government in the maritime area.

 After a search with the help of some major brokers worldwide, the ship called "Salango" is located and communicating purchase with the Ecuadorian shipowners established, then make the crossing from Puerto Libertad, Ecuador to Tuxpan, Mexico via the Panama Canal.

An adventure of several months, where we were progressing with improvements to the boat in all aspects, from inside, covered, tubing, etc., to give me more life to the boat and comply with Mexican regulations.

By the end of 2015, the oil tanker now called "Wolves Tuxpan" for the reefs that were lost in the area of Tuxpan, Veracruz.

It is recognized by the Merchant Marine, and standard-bearer to make fuel services in the Mexican coast, also is a source of employment but which opens in the maritime market.