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Anchore Area

in Ship to Ship on 04 Marzo, 2016
The M/T  "Lobos Tuxpan" is equipped and ready to make deliveries in anchorage area,
meets all required for this type of operation, within the features we note the following:


in Slider on 04 Marzo, 2016

Maritime Fuel Supply,,,,,,,,,

Our Main Goal:

in specific item on 03 Marzo, 2016

Our Main Goal.

Is to be the leading suppliers of bunkers at the Pacific area, Taking the Port of Manzanillo as main and strategic point, supporting port Community.

Our Principal points are:

  • Safety:

    Our Vessel "Lobos Tuxpan" with DOUBLE HULL ( MARPOL 73/78 )

  • Bunker Quality:

    We have onboard our own Chemical Inspector and Equipment.

  • Cost $:

    We are Owners of the Ship Tanker "Lobos Tuxpan", Trucks and Shore Tanks. 

Mexican News

in what's new? on 13 Junio, 2016

Mexico Plans Next Bidding Round For Energy Opening By End-July

The next bidding round in the opening of Mexico's oil and gas sector will be

called by the end of July......

International News

in what's new? on 14 Junio, 2016

10% of ships tested in Shanghai fail new ECA ruling

One in ten of ships checked in Shanghai by authorities 
since new emission control area (ECA).