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Product Quality


We have on board our own team to carry out the analysis of the bunkers to give you a prompt response about the quality of our products. 



Intermediates Fuel Oils are a mixture of distillate and residual fuels that generate an intermediate fuel; this mixing is performed in order to provide a fuel that suits the needs of handling, pumping and viscosity for proper operation of the different combustion systems, as they can be Marine or Terrestrial. The main feature of this mixture is that it allows to achieve, among other features, a product with viscosity to suit your combustion  needs which could be from 80 to 380 centistokes viscosity without limitation, plus delivery Marine Diesel pristine low sulfur content.

The raw materials used are heavy fuel oil and LS diesel (low sulfur), both products supplied by Petroleos Mexicanos and meet international quality standards. The base product for reconfiguring product is heavy Combustóleo and diluent LS diesel; the first products will provide the viscosity, calorific power, low heavy metal content (150-350 ppm). *, Ash and sulfur (1 - 3.5 wt%) * required for the main engine of a naval artifact or a thermoelectric plant, the diesel is as mentioned, the diluent but at the same time, the element by means of which reduce or increase certain mandatory parameters for good combustion without it does not entail excessive wear or premature engine maintenance..


The main features of making on board mixtures are diverse, from minimizing the time in preparations and delivering’s, make lots of different viscosities perfectly segregated 180 and 380 cst grades that are most in demand in Mexico coasts. We can also reconfigure the product according to your demand. The tanker "Lobos Tuxpan" has the perfect configuration of tanks, pumps, lines and heating coils to perform the perfect mixing on board.


In Maritime Fuel Supply, S de R.L. de C.V. We are committed to developing products of the highest quality, to achieve this end, our commitment starts prior to take on board our ship the raw materials, knowing the physical & chemical characteristics of the base and diluent, as this we allow, together with an algorithm developed for this purpose, a consistent volumetrically mixture reaches or exceeds the basic needs of our customers. That is why during the mixing board constantly monitors correct homogenization, temperature, viscosity and density according to ASTM or ISO standards primarily applicable with our on-site laboratory. After reaching the characteristics of the preparation, our product is shipped to a certified laboratory recognized by the EMA, DGN, CENAM who issue the final certificate of quality internationally recognized, the same COQ is given to receivers in each of our deliveries.

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*Marpol annex VI recommendation