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Inside the Port

The ship Lobos Tuxpan is easy to maneuver while inside the port. So this makes the alongside maneuver to another ships easy for the Port Pilots.




The M/T “Lobos Tuxpan” is fitted in all respect to perform deliberes alongside,  some of the main features are:

A.    Extended rudder providing better maneuverability.

B.    Bow Truster

C.    4 Fenders in which two are fitted at port side, 2 available according with the requested mooring arrangement plus 1 more located at the wing bridge.

D.    40 meters of flexible hoses of 8” diameter for HFO and flanges from 6 to 10” for international connections.

E.     30 meters of flexible hoses of 4” of diameter with camlock connector and flange tipe from 4 up to 6”

F.     2 manifolds at both sides, fitted for 8” for HFO & 4” for DO with several connections

G.    Indeed the working language is Spanish however all our officers are English speakers with fluency.